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Flairs of Dandy® - The Empire of Impeccable Gentlemen

Welcome to Flairs of Dandy®

The Empire of Impeccable Gentlemen

Flairs of Dandy® is creating The Empire of Impeccable Gentlemen. Our approach to this are mind-blowing Presentations and Seminars at any of your events. We will tell you all about great styling for Gentlemen. Things like, what does it mean to be a Gentleman? What implication does it have? And what should your behavior and responsibility be as a Gentleman? Want to know more? Contact us today to book your FREE Flairs of Dandy® Seminar!

Presentations and Seminars

Our Presentations and Seminar are all about bringing back the Gentleman in our fellow Brothers of this generation. To give you a small example? Well, First we start in teaching you the pieces that you can't miss in your collection. Then we will build it up with how to correctly tie a tie. On top we add the skills of teaching you the power of colors. In the end we will give it the advanced twist of custom made shoes and well tailored and custom suits.

Collaborations and Business Partners

We will not sell anything. Neither will be produce any stuff. We are all about HIGH QUALITY and FREE SEMINARS. However, during our seminars we will feature great and sophisticated stuff that will come from great collaborations with our partners.

Aims and Objectives


Flairs of Dandy® is a revolution. We want to bring the fellow gentlemen to a higher plan and upgrade their style. We will not sell anything. But we will definitely change the way our fellow gentlemen think. We want to inspire, advice, trigger and ignite style by giving seminars, talks and for sure tips & tricks.

The intention is to be relevant for a niche of gentlemen. We want to bring back the dandy in the gentlemen. Yes. Turn the softies back into real man. It’s to conquer and impress just like our grandfathers used to do. Back to the roots of real men with real style!

  • FREE Seminars. Forever
  • Time to extinguish bad style
  • The world needs more Gentlemen
  • Women play an important role in this process

The progressive focus of a Flairs of Dandy®

A Flairs of Dandy® will always look sharp. It's forbidden to look crappy. Gentlemen must always look like real gentlemen, elegant, sharp. Take things furhter to the next level by always smelling good, it's about wearing sophisticated perfumes and treat the ladies in the proper ways. Just Like James Bond, a Flairs of Dandy® needs to inspire his fellow Brothers and make a Lady melt!

It's time to take things to a next level. Time to stop the excuses and the useless justifications. It's time to become a real Gentlemen. Let Flairs of Dandy® inspire you.

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